SP System Map 1944

SP System Map 1944
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Eastern Arkansas

Name: St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt)
Owner: Patrick Pope
Scale: HO
Era: September 1976
Layout Location: Wildwood, Missouri USA
Location of the railroad modeled is in Eastern Arkansas running from Jonesboro to Pine Bluff Arkansas.
There are eight (8) modeled towns and three (3) staging yards on the RR.
The RR is approximately 425 feet in length on a single level.
The minimum height is 54 inches and maximum height is 60 inches.
The RR is point to point with no continuous running provision.
Car distribution is by car card, waybill and written switchlist.
There is a total of 64 industries with 264 total industry spots located within the eight (8) towns. While the number of freight cars can vary currently there are 682 cars on the RR.
Crew size is best kept to eight (8) but the RR can be operated with up to twelve (12) crew.
There are six (6) locals, traveling switchers, ran during a full session. A minimum of twelve (12) thru trains operate with most doing some work during their run. Mostly pickup or setout at one of the two yards. The premier train on the RR is the Blue Streak Merchandise (BSM).
About 90% of the RR has scenery.


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Robert said...

I love this layout as it is always interesting to run. As a matter of fact, thid is where I had my first operating experience almost fourteen years ago. I have been hooked ever since, what a great hobby.