SP System Map 1944

SP System Map 1944
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Patagonia & Black Rock

Layout Name : Patagonia & Black Rock
Owner : Marcelo Eduardo Szkatulak Colio

Scale: HO
Era: 1966 - Summer
 Layout Location: Toledo ( Spain)

My name is Marcelo Eduardo Szkatulak Colio. I´m an Espee Spanish fan.
I have a small H0 layout about Southern Pacific called Patagonia & Black Rock.
This is a SP based layout settled in mid 1966 in the Arizona Division.
The Patagonia town actually exist and have an SP Depot Nº22  ( http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=24108 ) but no Black Rock. It was taked from a picture called "Bad Day in Black Rock" (Did you see that? there was a lot SP train).
•    The Layout dimensions are about 1,25 x 3 with a 2 x 0,50 extension. It have a L shape.
•    Layout Height: 1100 mm to top of rails.
•    Benchwork : 10 mm plywood.
•    Roadbed: 6 mm foam.
•    Track : Roco cod. 83.
•    Scenery : Natural materials, stones and sand.
•    Backdrop : Landscapes printing on self-adhesive paper over 5 mm. styrene.
Now I´m modeling the operating mode, because I´m interested in prototipical operation.
You can see my layout in http://patagoniablackrock.blogspot.com/
My rolling stocks is mainly representative of the sixties, but I have several models I like but it doesn´t run in a tipical operation journal.
For example, I´ve GP9 "Torpedo Boat" and RDC-10 for passenger trains, GP-30, GP-35, SD-9 and RSD-3 for freight and some SW1500 and SW-9 for switching cars. I will add some more when operation need it.
Joinly with an Italian and Uruguay friends called Alejandro and Miguel we are  running a Yahoo group called SPRRSpanish@yahoogroups.com.
We are triing to talk  about SP and his subsidiaries in spanish.

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