SP System Map 1944

SP System Map 1944
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The Owens Valley Subdivision

N Scale - Spring 1990
Owner: Mike Stoner
Layout Location: Sedona, AZ
The Owens Valley Subdivision (OVS) is a north/south connecting line which runs from Mojave, California to Reno, Nevada.
At its south end, the OVS connects with Santa Fe's original Transcontinental line at Mojave, on the eastern side of the Tehachapi mountains. At its north end, the OVS connects with the Southern Pacific's original line that runs over Donner Pass. The Owens Valley Subdivision is named for the valley which it runs in.
The Owens Valley stretches from Bishop, Ca, south to Keeler, Ca, where the Owens River ends in a large lake basin.
The Owens Valley Subdivision is a double deck N scale layout depicting what could have happened if the merger between the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway was approved.
It also is a "proto free lanced" railroad, where I have taken the prototype SP and SF and put them in a setting that never had a standard gauge railroad.
The layout room size is 18.5' x 11.5'. Even with this modest amount of room for N scale, I was still hard pressed to include everything that I wanted in my "dream" layout. But after the compromises, I was still able to keep most of what I wanted. Double decking the railroad helped immensely.

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