SP System Map 1944

SP System Map 1944
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Southern Pacific in Dads Garage

N scale - modern
Owner: John Paulson
Layout Location: Finchley Avenue, Riverside, CA
Nice scenery and bridges!
"My layout is loosely based on Colton through Cajon serving Victorville.
There is tons of modelers liscense but I needed a base to work from.
This is a single level N-scale, L-shaped layout that loosely depicts the Colton yard, through the grade of Cajon pass, to Victorville all in California.
There is a yard with many industries around it, a passing siding at the summit, and Victorville with 3 sidings. There is also a three track continouos staging yard between Victorville and Colton so the three tracks are stand ins for points north and south or west. My goal in Victorville is to have a Cemex plant, Beck oil and fuels, and Hesperia lumber. In Colton there will be a citrus packer, Grain elevator(like the one in San Berdo), Bekins storage, a furniture manufacturer, a plastics manufacturer, and a LCL shiping house.
It is powered by an NCE system with four throttles."


John Paulson said...

This layout has been dismantled to make room for a more interesting experience.

Dennis said...

Any updates on the new and improved layout?

John Paulson said...

Hi Dennis, I am still working toward room/garage improvements to make the space comfortable or tolerable year round. I have a rather complex build in mind that includes a busy lower level with yard(West Colton) and staging combined plus quite a bit of switching. A second level representing the grade from Loma Linda through San Timateo to Banning. The third mushroomed level would have a raised floor and include Banning, Beaumont, and return loop staging. My goal is fun and comfortable operations with quite a few mainline train watching type moves and extensive switching and yard ops. Fingers crossed I can get moving on it soon.