SP System Map 1944

SP System Map 1944
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SP El Paso Division

SP El Paso Division

Scale : HO
Era : mid 1950s 
Owner: Melvin Perry (Mel)
Location : Bakersfield California
My name is Melvin Perry (Mel), I’m retired and living in Bakersfield California
I model the SP El Paso Division in the mid 1950s.
I have been in HO scale model railroading since 1951.
I grew up in El Paso Texas and my next door neighbor worked for the SP, our house was a quarter mile from the El Paso to Alamogordo New Mexico north bound tracks.  I would watch the huge Southern Pacific articulated locomotives leaving a siding going north on a 1½% grade every morning on the way to high school.  I married in 1958 and we moved to Alamogordo in 1960, we lived there for 25 years so my layout is modeled after the Southern New Mexico Sacramento Mountain area near Alamogordo.
My layout is L shaped 14’ x 10’ located in our garage. 
We moved to Bakersfield California in 1987 so we have lived on both ends of the Southern Pacific Cab Forward route.  I maintain a Blog on blogspot.com called My Model Railroad.  I currently have 34 active steam locomotives and 26 diesels all from the mid 1950s era.  I have a single Daylight passenger train consisting of 7 passenger cars including a home brew kitbashed SP ¾ dome lounge car.  I have limited number of freight cars; a full work train, snow blower with a snail, self propelled 160 ton crane car, 17 log cars, and 51 miscellaneous freight cars 
Here is a link to my About Me page for my back ground and a description of my layout:
Mel Perry, PMFE
My Model Railroad Blog : http://melvineperry.blogspot.com/

PMFE (Professor of Miniature Ferroequinology Engineering)
1.  ferroequinology  Literally "the study of the iron horse." (ferros = iron, equine = horse, -ology = study of)
2. The study of the history of railroads and railroad trains, especially for the purpose of model railroading.
3. What a railfan practices.

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